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Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in Southern Africa

The Foundation focuses on changing the lives of children and adults with hearing disabilities by embracing 2 main projects. We offer financial assistance for unprivileged deaf children with bursaries to attend school and receive speech- and language therapy. We also assist with financial support via fundraising for children and adults in need of cochlear implants. The Foundation makes a difference by raising funds for both children and adults with limited financial means.

Our God-given vision: “To make a difference in deaf education”.

Why does it matter?

The earlier a child has sufficient access to sound, the more likely the chances that they will develop age-appropriate listening, language and speech skills. This means that they will have access to mainstream education, which ultimately allows them to pursue a career of their choice. Spoken language allows children and adults with hearing loss, to develop privacy, choice and independence and in doing so become a well-adjusted, contributing member of society.

For more information please contact OR or visit our website

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